• We're Amok Digital
    A digital agency running Amok with the industry
  • We're Amok Digital
    A digital agency running Amok with the industry

Our Services

If you can dream it, we can do it


We write engaging content that cuts through the clutter no matter the medium: video, social, web, corporate comms, motivational speakers, long-form or short-form, if you need it, we write it.

Corporate Comms

We engage with you to promote your brand to stakeholders, employees, and beyond. We can create and write a CI, newsletters, mailers, invites, presentations and internal publications.

Motion Graphics

We understand how things work and how they move, and can seamlessly integrate film, animation, illustration, and graphic design, to make any concept come to life through the art of movement.

Social Media

With a well-thought-out strategy that guides our content, we create and manage impactful campaigns across all social media platforms that are designed to engage your social communities.


We develop a comprehensive digital roadmap focused on identifying integrated digital solutions by creating the right opportunities to increase your brand’s competitive advantage.


Based on your budget and objectives, our team of animators, producers, writers, filmmakers, and editors can bring your unique story to life with a tailor-made, audience-directed film.

Visual Content

We custom design striking visual content throughout our range of services. From web to print and everything in-between our innovative designers provide an artistic flair to any project.

Web Design & Dev

We can establish an online solution suited to your unique business needs. Your online reputation sets you apart so we focus on UX, functionality, brand representation, and usability.

Let's Run Amok Together

Our Story

an extrovert and a creative walked into a coffee shop…

Running Amok With The Industry

It sounds like the start of a joke, but actually, that was the day we decided to throw the rulebook out the window, and this is how it all started…

It was a cold and dreary day in Joburg. Two colleagues went to grab a coffee to warm their weary souls, what happened next will have lasting effects on the industry for years to come.

Amidst the lamenting of all that is wrong with the business of marketing, an idea emerged: To just run AMOK with the industry. As a result, our directors have more experience combined (30 years) than the average age of our employees.

We are young, dynamic, and fresh. A bunch of unique misfits who are not afraid to let the crazy sparkle. We embrace the dedicated, the creative dreamers and free-thinkers, the extraordinary, and the strange, and our Clients love it!

We might be small, but our talented team is all-round skilful. What we don't know, we learn. What we do, we do extremely well.

We are young enough to know that technology changes behaviour, and old enough to know how to wield this knowledge wisely.

Meet The Founders

Miralda de Waal

Managing Director

As a born entrepreneur, Miralda keeps the business running and manages our client relations.

Emile Prinsloo

Creative Director

With a keen eye and a firm hand, Emile keeps the studio inspired to deliver world-class designs.

Get in Touch

Tell us your advertising desires, let’s make it happen

Come and say hi, we love coffee and working and more coffee, and baked goods, we’re not expecting a bribe, but, you know… Take our hand, jump into the madness – let’s run AMOK together!